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Comfortable Working Condition

June 15, 2011


In refineries,petro-chemical units, fertilizer units,steel/cement plants & sugar factories presurre vessels like columns, tanks, boilers, reactors etc finds application. This structures are made of steel and are prone to rust and corrosion. Maintenance activities like blasting, coating, painting, fabrication and other hot jobs are carried our for proper funtioning and increasing the life-time of this structures.

Because of the various hot jobs and presence of many peoples inside the vessels temperature level rises to uncomfortable levels. Toxic gases too are produced which affects the health of the workers & inspection/ maintenance team. This results in workers taking frequent breaks and brings down efficiency level and quality of work also suffers as a result of which the project completion time gets delayed.

General Recommendation: 

Impure contaminated air inside the vessel needs to be flushed out and fresh dry air after removal of  toxic gases and full of oxygen needs to pumped in.The air should also be at specific relative humidity level of less than 60% & temperature at 30ºC-35ºC.

TDS Solution:

Dehumidification services is provided by Technical Drying Services with the help of desiccant based dehumidifiers. Through dehumidifiers fresh dehumidified,clean air at desired RH and temperature is provided by extracting the impure air from the inside environment.

Also the temperature inside the vessels remains very high as a result of which maintenance team finds it difficult to enter for carrying out the job.Steaming should be done at the initial stage for bringing down the temperature from higher level (eg:1500ºC). Above 200ºC,faster cooling is not recommended as stress may develop in structure thereby allowing cracking of various parts and reduction in life of an equipment.

When the temperature is brought below 125ºC then the main job in any process plant is to bring temperature to 30º-35ºC for man entry.Dehumidifiers and condensing units along with blowers & ducts can fasten the cooling rate compared to natural cooling, thereby saving precious time and ultimately leading to increase in profits.

Benefits with TDS dehumidification service:

  • Increases productivity of worker as they don't have to take frequent breaks.
  • Health of the workers are maintained by removing toxic gases and fumes.
  • Control over ambient conditions.

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