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Document Drying or Paper Drying

June 17, 2011


Papers are still used in large numbers for both commercial and individual purposes despite the popularity of electronic documentation. Paper documents can get easily damaged by water. Damaged documents may contain very important informations and may be irreplaceable. The water soaked documents deteriorates very quickly. Water damage  can be caused by floods, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquake broken water pipes, fixtures, sprinklers, negligence, vandalism, seepage, faulty construction & post fire fighting activities.

Time is a very important factor in restoration of the water damaged documents because if restoration is not started quickly the damage may be irrecoverable and valuable informations can be lost for ever. With document drying process  abnormal moisture is removed from affected materials and returned to their former normal state

General Recommendation:

  • The affected items should be dried and dehumidified.
  • Water extraction/mold and mildew treatment should be done.

TDS Solution:

Technical Drying Services does document drying with the help of desiccant  based dehumidifiers. 

It starts with:

  • Assessing the damage and  immediate steps are taken to prevent further damage. 
  • Establishing the scope of damage and determining the potential for successful restoration.
  • Identifying and prioritizing the appropriate restoration procedures to reduce business interruption and restore productivity.
  • Providing cost estimate and time schedule.
  • Implementing specific restoration procedures.


The service include cleaning,drying and deodorization of the affected items. It is an emergency service provided to preserve, protect and secure the documents from further damage, recover and restore it to its formal state. The drying process involves: 

Preliminary drying

  • Identify & stop the water source.
  • Identify all wet materials.
  • Remove surface water(mechanically).


Technical drying

  • Identify & target moisture content
  • Chase the moisture till dry.


TDS uses desiccant based dehumidifiers other ancillarys backed by technical manpower to caryout the  drying job on rental basis.


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