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Furniture Drying

July 4, 2011


Properties like furniture, machineries, residential and commercial buildings can get damaged due to water. The source of water may be floods, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquake, broken water pipes/defective fixtures, sprinklers, negligence, vandalism, seepage, faulty construction & post fire fighting activities. 

Huge expenditure have to be incurred to replace the damage properties.

Time is a very important factor in restoration of the water damaged properties because if restoration is not started quickly the damage may be irrecoverable and it can be lost for ever. With furniture drying process  abnormal moisture is removed from affected materials and returned to their former normal state by extracting the unwanted moisture. The Affected   

Insurance Industry

  • Huge unbudgeted compensation expenses to the insured for the full extent of loss.
  • Profitability at stake.

Commercial/Industrial complexes    

  • Tremendous loss to assets and infrastructure.    
  • Huge reconstruction and replacement expenses.     


  • Damage to property,assets and collectibles

General Recommendation:

  • The affected items should be dried and dehumidified.
  • Water extraction/mold and mildew treatment should be done.

TDS Solution:

Technical Drying Services does furniture drying with the help of desiccant  based dehumidifiers. 

It starts with:

  • Assessing the damage and  immediate steps are taken to prevent further damage. 
  • Establishing the scope of damage and determining the potential for successful restoration.
  • Identifying and prioritizing the appropriate restoration procedures to reduce business interruption and restore productivity.
  • Providing cost estimate and time schedule.
  • Implementing specific restoration procedures.

The service include cleaning,drying and deodorization of the affected items. It is an emergency service provided to preserve, protect and secure the property from further damage, recover and restore it to its formal state. 

TDS uses desiccant based dehumidifiers and other ancillarys backed by technical manpower to caryout the  drying job on rental basis.

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