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Grapes Drying

July 4, 2011


Grape drying for raisin or kishmish (as commonly known in India) is a natural process and well accepted. Available in dark shade with wrinkled texture raisin are highly valued for their fresh and sweet flavour. Raisin have a flavour similar to the grapes from which they are made, but the drying process which creates them, concentrates the amount of sugar making them taste much sweeter. They are a naturally stable food and resist spoilage due to their low moisture and low RH value. They are composed of sugars, fruit acids and minerals salts. Considering composition of raisins and the fact they are fat free it is considered as a healthy snack. Common steps followed in raisin manufacturing are harvesting, drying, processing  and packaging. There are four primary methods of drying grapes viz natural drying, dehydration continuous tray and dried on the vine method. The most popular of these is natural method or sun drying.

Natural process drying depends upon the humidity & temperature level of the environment. As a result of which during humid conditions drying cannot be achieved within the desired time-period. High humidity also affects the quality of the output. 

General Recommendation

Process of drying can be fastened if RH is maintained at 25% and temperature at about 35ºC. Drying through dehumidification is the most accepted and beneficial method.

TDS Solution

TDS provides desiccant based dehumidifiers on rent along with technical manpower to achieve the above mentioned ideal conditions,thereby decreasing the drying cycle and saving both time and money.

Advantages with our Solution

  • Drying time can be reduced substantially. 
  • Reduction of drying time leads to profitability and enhances product quality. 

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