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Pipeline Drying

August 1, 2011


Presence of moisture after hydro testing in pipelines or vessels can lead to corrosion. Internal corrosion caused by condensed water has been detected in many pipelines. Presence of water in gas transporting pipelines leads to stress corrosion cracking. During a short span of time stress corrosion can lead to complete failure of extensive stretches of the pipeline. Pipelines should be dried completely without any trace of moisture.

General Recommendation

Usually four methods are commonly used for drying of pipelines viz

  • Dry air through dehumdifier. 
  • Nitrogen purge drying. 
  • Vacuum drying. 
  • Hot air drying by compressed air dryer. 

Out of it the most reliable and proven method is drying through dehumidification and is most used all over the world.

TDS Solution

TDS provides desiccant based dehumidifiers along with other auxiliary air handling equipments for pipeline drying.

Dehumidifier along with heaters & blowers is installed at the suction end of pipeline and dry air is supplied continuously through the dehumidifier. Dry air adsorbs all the moisture present in the pipeline. The dry dehumid air is supplied at positive pressure of 100 changes per/hr. This dry air when comes in touch with the moisture  present in the pipeline dries it after certain duration. Proper drying of pipeline is achieved when the grain level of the air at the inlet and outlet becomes equivalent. Following are some major benefits of dehumidifcation:

  • All free water is removed from pipeline. 
  • Very low air dew point can be achieved . 
  • Drying time is accurate and can be programmed according to period available. 

To provide the above parameters TDS provides a complete customized package solution of dehumidifiers, condensing units, blowers & ducts backed with technical manpower to maintain the required moisture and temperature level. The main USP of TDS services is that it provides highly qualified technical manpower along with all the required equipments and the service is provided on rental basis so it can be availed whenever required.

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