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Property Damage Restoration

September 5, 2011


The effect of damage to property can be very devastating. Properties can get damage due to many  reasons it may be due to floods, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquake, broken water pipes/defective, fixtures  sprinklers, negligence, vandalism, seepage, faulty construction & post fire fighting activities etc.

Any water that causes the usefulness, or future use or value of any property to become impaired is termed as water damage.

Water damage causes:

  • A hailstorm smashes the window, permitting free access to hail and rain to the building.
  • A heavy rain soaks through the roof, allowing water to drip through the attic or ceiling.
  • A broken water pipe spews water inside the building.
  • Defective and faulty appliances including hot water tanks, air conditioners, ice-makers etc.
  • Defective and damaged sprinklers and other fixtures are a major cause of water damage in commercial    buildings.
  • Fault and damage in the construction -- especially the drainage systems.
  • Fire control procedures involve substantial quantities of water that can lead to damage of even the unaffected material.
  • Accidents, negligence and vandalism result in water damage situations that can be extensive.
  • A nearby river overflows its banks and washes into the building.
  • Hurricanes and the resulting coastal flooding can cause structural water damage to buildings situated in coastal regions.
  • Surface water caused by a heavy rain seeps into the basement because the soil cannot absorb the water quickly enough.

General Recommendation:

  • The affected area should be dried and dehumidified.
  • Water extraction/Mold and mildew treatment should be done.

TDS Solution:

Technical Drying Services offer solutions in restoration (cleaning & drying) of as many of the affected items as possible, there by warranting replacement of only those items that have been permanently damaged.

The main advantage of this approach is that this can always be implemented within a shorter period of time and the cost is significantly lower compared to replacement.

Restoring the damaged assets helps to:

  • Minimize the loss  -  saves 40 -80% of reconstruction / replacement value.
  • Reduce interruption to business and production activities due to shifting and reconstruction.
  • Reduce the damage compensation expenses incurred by the insurer.
  • Ensure adequate funds for proper relief and rehabilitation measures for the affected lives which would otherwise have been spent on reconstruction


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