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Removal of Toxic Gases

September 5, 2011


Steel structures like columns, tanks, reactors and other pressure vessels in refineries, petro-chemical units, fertilizer units, steel/cement plants & sugar factories needs annual maintenance. The maintenance activity is required for the purpose of rust prevention and corrosion control.

During the time of maintenance coating, painting and fabrication jobs are carried out inside the vessels and number of people work simultaneously.

Because of the various hot jobs and presence of many peoples temperature level rises to uncomfortable levels. Toxic gases too are produced which affects the health of the workers and inspection/maintenance team. This results in workers taking frequent breaks and brings down efficiency level and quality of work suffers also the project completion time gets delayed.

General Recommendation: 

Removal of toxic gases is the need of the hour. Impure contaminated air inside the vessel needs to be flushed out and fresh dry air after removal of  toxic gases and full of oxygen needs to pumped in. The air should also be at specific relative humidity level of less than 60% & temperature - 30°C - 35°C.

TDS Solution:

Technical Drying Services (TDS) provides dry-air services with the help of desiccant based dehumidifiers.

Through dehumidifiers fresh dehumidified, clean air at desired RH and temperature is provided by extracting the impure air from the inside environment.

The desiccant based dehumidifier removes moisture from the air by chemical attraction rather than condensation. Impure air is directed across a desiccant material that acts as a drying agent. The moisture & other impurities are collected  in the desiccant. The moist desiccant is dried using second hot air stream that heats the desiccant and releases the moisture. Then the desiccant is reused to provide more dry-air. In a continuous process the air is dried by the desiccant, at the same time the moist desiccant is dried for reuse so that dry air is available at all times continuously.

The main USP of TDS dehumidification services is that it provides highly qualified technical manpower along with all the required equipments. As the service is provided on rental basis it can be availed whenever required.


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