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Ship Layup

September 24, 2011


Ship building industry is affected by humidity during:

  • Blasting and coating in ballast tank,hull area of ships & in battery pits of submarines.
  • Preservation of sensitive components like electrical/weapon systems,engines & navigation rooms.
  • Ship dry dock period.
  • Jobs inside ship compartments as excessive humidity & temperature lowers overall productivity of workers and makes it difficult for inspection officials to carryout their job.

During dry dock repair of ships and submarines, the onboard air conditioning system does not work as the main engine is shutdown. Also during refit, various ship compartments undergo blasting & coating, repair, replacement and refurbishment which require many persons to work and hot jobs are also required to be carried out. Ballast tanks and hull portions are re-painted after blasting. In navy ships and submarines the weapon and communication systems also undergoes repair, and new upgraded weapons are fitted.

During ballast fuel tanks blasting and painting,humidity and temperature control are essential for better work output. Also as the communication, weapon systems and instruments are temperature & humidity sensitive work can not be undertaken under normal ambient conditions. Ships air conditioning system is put online almost at the fag end of ship refit. This increases ship berthing period and delay in sailing. 

Areas where humidity control is needed, critical compartment in vessel need to have RH control e.g.:

  • Accommodation areas
  • Engine room
  • Hull area
  • Bridge and control rooms
  • Forecastle and Bow Thrusters
  • Electrical Gear
  • Batteries
  • Machinery system(rotating)
  • Fuel oil system
  • Refrigerant system
  • Pressure vessels.

General Recommendation: 

Relative humidity should be restricted to below 40% at the area where expensive equipments are stored and also during blasting & coating.This ensures corrosion prevention and rust prevention also paint manufacturers specifications can be maintained.

TDS Solution:

TDS provides dessicant based dehumidifiers along with other accessories and technical manpower to provide the desired humidity level.To overcome the high temperature level we provide condensing units.Our package of condensing units and blowers maintains the temperature between 30ºC-35ºC.Dehumidification involves dying the air by actually removing moisture from it. Removal of moisture from the area lowers the relative humidity of the area effectively arresting corrosion and microbial growth.


  • Rust & corrosion problems can be controlled.
  • Time taken to carryout maintenance activities reduces as a result of the comfortable working conditions. 


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