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Spices Drying

October 3, 2011


Spices have been dried throughout history. Basically these products are hygroscopic, they absorb moisture from the air so drying is done to extract the unwanted moisture or dry the water particles. Drying of spices helps in retaining their aroma and flavour, it also helps in storage. Inadequate drying leads to growth of mould and fungus. To retain the flavour, aroma, colour, freshness and to reduce product spoilage, spices have to be dried at low temperature. Once dried and powdered, being highly hygroscopic, spices absorb moisture from the surrounding air during packaging and storage.

This not only creates operational problems but also reduces shelf life of product. So humidity should be control at the time of packaging and storage. Dried and powdered spices being highly hygroscopic absorb moisture from the surrounding air when humidity is high and becomes sticky. This inhabits their free flow through the packaging machine. The damp powder also sticks to the wrapping paper slowing the process and creating hygiene problems. Dehumidification of the air surrounding the packaging and storage keeps the area dry letting production and packaging equipment run effectively. 

General Recommendation :

Specific relative humidity level needs to be maintained for different spices:

Spice RH (%) Temperature °C
Cardamom 30 - 35% 28°C
Dry Garlic 65 - 70% 0°C
Dry Onion 50 - 55% 10 - 20°C
Cinnamon 40% 15°C
Chillies 18 - 20% 45 - 50°C

TDS Solution:

Technical Drying Services (TDS) provides product drying services with the help of desiccant based dehumidifiers. The desiccant based dehumidifier removes moisture from the air by chemical attraction rather than condensation. Humid air is directed across a desiccant material that acts as a drying agent. The moisture is collected  in the desiccant. The moist desiccant is dried using second hot air stream that heats the desiccant and releases the moisture.

Then the desiccant is reused to provide more dry air. In a continuous process the air is dried by the desiccant, at the same time the moist desiccant is dried for reuse so that dry air is available at all times continuously. The main USP of TDS services is that it provides highly qualified technical manpower along with all the required equipments. As the service is provided on rental basis it can be availed whenever required.Product drying services provides the following benefits: Flavour of spices are retained. Caking & Lumping of products can be avoided.

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