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Tank Fabrication

October 3, 2011


Industrial tanks are used to store crude oils, chemicals, acid, and other corrosive materials. These tanks need special corrosion resistant liners. Coating is done to protect tanks from corrosion. Corrosion prevention and rust prevention is an important feature for keeping the quality of this structures intact. Corrosion is the deterioration of a material, because of its reaction with the environment.

This disintegration process can be due to chemical oxidation, atmospheric affects, galvanic couple reaction etc. Atmospheric corrosion accounts for more failures on both a tonnage and cost basis than any other type of environmental corrosion. But coating fails if the humidity in the surrounding is high. It has been observed that 60%-80% of coating failures occur due to improper surface preparation.

High humidity causes condensation on the metal surface resulting in blooming or flash rust. Also during tank fabrication temperature level rises to uncomfortable levels. Toxic gases too are produced which affects the health of the workers. This results in workers taking frequent breaks and brings down efficiency level.

General Recommendation:

Relative humidity inside the tank should be maintained at <55% and and temperature between 30ºC-35ºC. 

TDS Solution:

Presence of moisture between substrate and the paint coat is the reason for  occurrence of corrosion. This results in coating and paint failure. To increase the life of coating moisture level needs to be controlled inside the tank. TDS provides desiccant based dehumidifiers along with other accessories and technical manpower to provide the desired humidity level.

To overcome the high temperature level and affects of toxic gases TDS provides condensing units. The package of condensing units and blowers maintains the temperature between 30ºC ~ 35ºC and helps in purifying the air. This dehumidification service is provided on rental basis so it can be availed whenever the need arises.

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