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Turbine Layup

October 3, 2011


Turbine is an incredibly useful bit of mechanical technology designed to convert energy from a fluid or air flow and converts it into useful work. Turbines find application in power plants,sugar units,fertilizer factories,petrochemical units and steam engines to name a few. These units undergo planned shutdown every year for the purpose of maintenance. Turbines used to rust and corrode during this period as they remain idle and are kept in stores. 

Moisture accelerates the rate of corrosion leading to:   

  • Deterioration & decrease in life of parts and components.
  • Malfunctioning of equipments.

Turbine layup is essential to protect it from ill-effects of humidity. During layup the humidity is maintained at the desired level and helps in over coming rust and corrosion.

General Recommendation

During layup,storage,shutdown or maintenance Relative Humidity should be maintained at 15%-30% at 24ºC (75ºF) and during operation at less than 35% RH at ambient temperature to minimise the loss due to corrosion.

TDS Solution

TDS provides turbine layup services by protecting the turbines from rust and corrosion through dehumidification There are two types of turbines one Condensing type and other Extraction type. Preservation of turbine is done for both types with the help of desiccant based dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier is installed near the turbine and from the process  inlet of the dehumidifier,ambient air is taken and from the process outlet of the dehumidifier,dry moisture free air is supplied into the turbine. This connection is done on relief valve/drain pipe /cross overhead pipe in the turbine or other available outlet. Dry-air ensures that the turbine is under optimum preservation by controlling moisture and humidity during idle stage or during shutdown of  plant. 

TDS provides desiccant based dehumidifiers to maintain the desired level of humidity.

The moist air adsorbed from the ambient requires regeneration which is done by dehumidifier itself through inbuilt desiccant bed in the dehumidifier. It is accomplished by self heating arrangement with the help of heaters, installed in reactivation side of dehumidifier.

The process outlet of dehumidifier is connected at a convenient location like at the release valve or at any suitable opening. In case of condensing type turbine the outlet is given through the condenser. Thus, the turbine is preserved under low moisture conditions free from dust. The best method to check humidity is by measuring the outlet air humidity of turbine that will signify the optimum conditions maintained within the turbine. Along with dehumidifiers TDS provides condensing unit,blower,ducts and skilled manpower for services on RENT.

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