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Wood Drying

October 4, 2011


Drying of wood is essentially a process of drying it close to the Equilibrium Moisture content in ambient / surroundings of the place of its final usage.

Improper drying/seasoning leads to typical defects like: 

  • Splitting 
  • Dimensional changes including checking(cracks). 
  • Honeycombing 
  • Distortion 
  • Case hardening 
  • Staining 
  • Discolouration 
  • Warping and other forms of degradation that diminish its quality and thereby its selling price. 

General Recommendation

Well-seasoned wood is the first essential to quality finish in wood works. Timber should be well dried to attain high standards of modern-day production.

TDS Solution

Market demand and high cost of timber forces one to focus on the key question of how to slash the time factor between the felling of the tree to the using of the timber,without sacrificing any of the qualities of well-seasoned wood.

A drying process, which is economical and reliable becomes the solution to the problem.

TDS provides wood dryer which is designed and manufactured to season/dry all types of wood at an accelerated rate, without causing damage to the wood. It is ideal for manufactures and exporters of quality wood products who need the flexibility to dry wood on site-indoor or outdoor. The main USP of TDS services is that it provides highly qualified technical manpower along with all the required equipments. As the service is provided on rental basis it can be availed whenever required. The benefits from TDS wood drying services are:

  • Ensures fast drying without product spoilage. 
  • Limited shrinkage i.e. remains dimensionally stable during assembly and finishing. 
  • Increases wood/timber strength. 
  • Increases resistance to decay,stain and infestations. 
  • Easier to machine and glue i.e. Better workability 'Hold'. 
  • Increases durability,particularly in case of wooden furniture. 
  • Enhances finish of varnishing and painting. 
  • Reduces weight thereby shipping cost 
  • Better preservation. 


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