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Turbine Preservation in Sugar Plants



In sugar plant, Turbines, Blades, Generators and other electromechanical equipment are prone to corrosion in maintenance / shutdown periods. A client of TDS wanted to preserve turbines in planned maintenance period (At least 4 months). Relative Humidity levels of more than 70% posed a threat of increased rate of corrosion, hence, decreased life of turbines, component malfunctioning and deterioration of parts.


When it comes to effective, economical and all season humidity control, desiccant dehumidification is the solution. Technical Drying Services provides Bry-Air desiccant dehumidifiers on rent along with required accessories. Replacement costs are extremely high and it is recommended to preserve turbines at recommended conditions to inhibit corrosion.

Desiccant dehumidifiers of recommended capacity were installed at client's site which provided dry air at 10% Relative Humidity to the turbine enclosure. Hence, the resultant relative humidity of air at the outlet of turbine is at about 35-40%.

As dehumidified air is circulated continuously through turbine, any remaining condensate, ambient air ingress and further condensation are prevented and removed which further prevents corrosion and preserves the life of turbine.

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