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Dehumidification in acid batteries plate drying



+ve and -ve plates of lead acid batteries are made of lead paste with MS wire mesh reinforcement. Lead paste, consisting of water is applied on the wire mesh. After pasting, the plates are cured for 12 hours at 98 % Relative Humidity (RH), 40 deg C and then, they are dried to 8% moisture level at 48 deg C for final assembly. Although, conventional dryers are used for moisture removal, but they are unable to achieve ideal conditions.



TDS 1200, used to deliver dry air at the suction inlet of blower effectively reduced 2 hours drying time in plate drying. Desiccant dehumidifiers are highly effective and economical in maintaining recommended Relative Humidity (RH) in enclosed space. For seasonal high humidity and short term requirement, dehumidifier rental is the quickest and ideal solution.

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