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Pipeline drying after Hydro-Testing



During construction of an international airport, our client faced the problem of drying pipelines after hydro-testing. It was crucial that the water remaining in the pipeline be completely removed after hydro-testing. Moisture presence posed the risk of formation of gas hydrates similar to ice crystals under combination of light hydrocarbon gases.

Moisture presence in pipelines causes:

  • Deterioration of transferred ATF fuel
  • Corrosion and decrease in the life of pipeline
  • Damage to internal epoxy coating.



Technical Drying Services (TDS) offered desiccant dehumidifiers on rent to remove moisture thoroughly from hydro-tested pipelines.

A quick installation by our technical team was followed by the use of dehumidifiers to continuously provide dry, dehumidified air. High speed blowers at both ends of the pipeline helped in extraction of moisture grains from the pipeline. Strict and precise measurement of moisture content at inlet and outlet ensured proper drying and thorough removal of moisture grains.

  • Benefits of using desiccant dehumidifiers:
  • Moisture grains are completely removed from the hydro-tested pipelines.
  • Dehumidifier installation is simple and quick.
  • Drying time is precise and can be planned and programmed as per the requirement.


Dehumidifiers on rent is the ideal and most economical solution to the short term requirements similar to the above. The client was highly satisfied with the delivered results and overall savings on the ATF fuel prevented from spoilage.

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