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Water Damage Restoration



Our client, one of the biggest manufacturer of washing machines faced a water damage problem. Wash timers, one of the most crucial component of washing machines, being transported via sea had no protective coating. Also, the boxes they were stored in got wet during transportation. The transparent body of wash timers had become translucent due to moisture ingress and the material could lead to an electric shock and was highly prone to corrosion.

TDS Solution

Technical Drying Services (TDS) provides short term humidity control and moisture removal services. Technical team with over 15 years of experience in water damage restoration can help you restore rather than replace.

The concerned insurance company availed TDS services to address the water damage issue. After preliminary activity of damage assessment, moisture removal began.
The wash timers made of plastic were not corroded yet, but the moisture had seeped in. The timers were placed in a crate, covered with a plastic sheet to create a vapor barrier.
3 Bry-Air FFB series dehumidifiers were used for the dehumidification process. The moisture removal process took 2 days and the dried timers were thoroughly analyzed by the quality inspection team.


  • Minimize business interruption
  • Replace rather than restore
  • Save on insurance claims
  • Technical team with expertise in water damage restoration
  • On-site operation.


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