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About TDS


Technical Drying Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. established in 1998, A Pahwa group company is the leader in providing engineered solutions for short term moisture removal, humidity control, drying & temperature control. The services provided by TDS can be segmented into 4 areas:

Technical Drying Services is an associate group company of Bry-Air, leaders in desiccant dehumidification. TDS uses Bry-Air's desiccant dehumidifiers to provide knowledge based, technology-driven, air-engineering solutions.

The core strength of Technical Drying Services (TDS) lies in providing RENTAL solutions for:

  • Moisture Removal / Humidity Control
  • Drying
  • Water Damage Restoration services
  • Temperature Control and Ventilation

TDS provides a customized package of dehumidifiers, condensing units, blowers and accessories like panels, cables, reducers etc. TDS also provides a team of dedicated engineers who can help you in application, system selection and project execution.

Our branch offices are spread all across India and we have an international office in Selangor , Malaysia as well.



Technical Drying Services (TDS) is geared for quick response, swift delivery and has substantial capacity to take care of any problem related to moisture and water damage.

We offer our solutions to various industries : Automobile, Oil & Gas, Construction, Blasting & Coating, Heavy Engineering, Electronics & Electricals, Food, Fertilizers, Hospitals, Insurance, Risk Management & Disaster Management Agencies, Paint Manufacturers, Pharma, Leather, Tea, Sugar, Seeds, Spices & many more..

Industrial Project Solutions includes Dehumidification & Drying.

Surface Preparation and Coating includes Dehumidification during coating, painting & fabrication.

Water Damage Restoration includes moisture extraction & drying, restoring the affected items.

Comfortable Working Conditions include temperature control & ventilation in columns, tanks, manufacturing etc.



As a solution provider we offer a controlled environment where moisture levels are reduced to an acceptable limit to inhibit the adverse effects of high humidity (i.e - corrosion, rust), thereby increasing production efficiency and quality of finished products.

Temperature Control

We provide services to regulate temperature in Refineries, Power Plants, Fertilizer units & Shipyards as per requirement. This creates comfortable working conditions and enables early man entry to carry out maintenance and inspection activities in any confined space like columns/vessels/boilers/reactors/regenerators & condensers etc.


We provide drying services for product drying : Spices, Seeds & Food items, Concrete/POP drying , Pipeline & Equipment drying post hydrotesting.

Water Damage Restoration

Floods, cyclones, fire fighting activities, damaged water pipes and human errors are the most common causes of water damage and can affect individuals/businesses resulting to huge losses.
Water Damage Restoration services are of great benefit to insurance surveyors and disaster recovery
Buildings, equipment, furniture, documents and other items can get damaged by water from floods, cyclones, post fire fighting, broken water pipes and seepages. Water damage can occur at any place affecting corporates/business houses, individuals resulting in business interruptions & heavy losses. It also affects insurance companies who have to pay a huge compensation.

TDS provides a turnkey service for restoration of water damaged properties. Our team of experts helps in assessing and restoration of damaged properties to ideal state.



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