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POP / Concrete Drying


Frequently Faced Problems


Presence of high moisture on the concrete floor hampers the epoxy laying procedure thereby delaying the project completion. Life & quality of coating gets hampered if it is done in the presence of high moisture levels. Instead of adhering to the substrate i.e. concrete, the coating adheres to water, hence reducing its life.


Concrete gains its strength due to presence of water molecules inside. However only 50% of this water is hydrated and rest remains as free moisture. Further, as concrete takes around 28 days to cure, it is kept under 100% RH or under wet condition till hydration is complete. This process increases the free moisture to around 7-8% which is not acceptable for the application of coating. Coating manufacturers do not guarantee their products if the moisture content is at that level.


General Recommendation

Moisture level in the concrete should be maintained at 3-5%.

Our Solution

Drying of concrete i.e. reduction of moisture can be done with the help of dehumidifiers. Dehumidification is the most effective and quickest method of moisture removal. Dehumidification involves lowering the dew point of the air surrounding the concrete so as the water starts to migrate from concrete to the dry surrounding air. Dehumidification helps to achieve and maintain the Level of Moisture to prevent coating failure while concrete coating.

For inside coating of concrete floor/wall, dehumidified air can be fed through duct from the machine. In case of outside concrete painting in open atmosphere, a vapour barrier surrounding the job is created and dehumidified air is passed inside the vapour barrier through duct.

The desiccant based dehumidifier removes moisture from the air by adsorption rather than condensation. Humid air is directed across a desiccant material that acts as a drying agent. The moisture is collected on or in the desiccant rather than as liquid. The moist desiccant is dried using second hot air stream that heats the desiccant and releases the moisture. Then the desiccant is reused to dry more air. In a continuous process the air is dried by the desiccant at the same time the moist desiccant is dried for reuse so that dry air is available at all times continuously.

To provide the above parameters TDS provides a complete customized package solution of dehumidifiers,condensing units,blowers & ducts backed with technical manpower to maintain the required moisture(3%-5%) and temperature level.

  • Less coat required per year and better coating performance
  • No coating related problems like coating failure and improper adherence, which increases building downtime.
  • Project time and cost reduced by approx. 35%.
  • Coating possible at any time of the year and downtime can be planned accurately.
  • Less expensive repairs and project delays.

Desiccant based dehumidifier is the best solution for humidity related problems.

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  • G.K. Technochem



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