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Mushroom Drying & Packing



Extending the shelf life of mushrooms is important for mushroom producers and consumers. Currently, mushrooms, regardless of the species, can only be stored for a few weeks before they diminish considerably in quality.

Many mushrooms grow mold if they are not dried shortly after harvest. Mushroom also tends to grow mold if they get damp after they are dried.

Some types of mushrooms do not dry well, with an extreme example being those in the Coprinus genus which tend to turn into a pool of black goop instead of drying.

General Recommendations: RH to be maintained.

For drying, the recommended conditions are 0ºC and a relative humidity below 30% RH. These conditions cannot be met without desiccant dehumidification. Similar conditions are required during packaging.


The easiest way to dry the fungi is to place them on a wire screen with air available to all sides. Never dry them in an oven or use hot air dryers. The heat leaches the chemical constituents and reduces their quality.

Using a frost free (dehumidifying) refrigerator works but it is time consuming. Freezing the mushrooms after they are dry is another common method for preventing long-term storage problems due to insect damage.

Using desiccant to cool dry mushrooms is overall, the best drying technique.



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