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TDS offers Dehumidification, Temperature Control, Drying and Water Damage Restoration.


As a solution provider, we offer a controlled environment where moisture levels are reduced to an acceptable limit to inhibit the adverse effects of high humidity (e.g. corrosion, rusting), increase production efficiency and quality of finished products.

Temperature Control

We provide services to increase/decrease temperature as per requirement which creates comfortable working conditions and enables early man entry to carry out maintenance and inspection jobs in any confined space like columns/vessels/boilers/reactors/regenerators & condensers etc.


We provide services for product drying e.g. spices, seed, food items etc. We also provide drying services for pipeline & equipment after hydro testing.

Water Damage Restoration

Floods, cyclones, fire control, broken water pipes and seepages are the common causes of water damage and can occur at any place affecting individuals, business houses resulting in business interruptions & heavy losses. It also affects insurance companies who have to pay a huge compensation.

TDS provides a turnkey service for water damage restoration. Our team of experts helps in restoration jobs by specific methods in minimum time.



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