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TDS is a leader in providing air solutions on rent for short-term moisture removal, humidity control, drying and temperature control services

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Technical Drying Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., a Pahwa Group company was established in 1988. Enriched with 200 man-year of technical experience, TDS is a leader in providing air solutions on rent for short-term moisture removal, humidity control, drying and temperature control services. TDS use Best-in-class Dehumidification systems and provides highly skilled, NACE trained Airgineers.

TDS services are categorized into 4 segments:
Industrial Project Solution (Dehumidification & Drying.)
dehumidification drying - about us

We provide Dehumidifiers on Rent for short-term requirements, where the company fails to meet desired conditions due to the exiting system installed in the plant. TDS provides Desiccant based Dehumidifiers on rent for various applications where humidity is required to be controlled.

Surface Preparation and Coating (Dehumidification during blasting, coating & painting)
TDS offers engineered solutions for temporary control of humidity and temperature for blasting, coating and painting. Any surface after it is blasted and prepared for any coating is subjected to environmental factors. Presence of high humidity leads to flash rust and condensation resulting in coating failures like blistering, delamination etc.
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Safe Confined Area Access (humidity control, temperature control & ventilation in confined area)
humidity control - about us
We provide comfortable working conditions inside confined areas. In the confined area, there is high temperate, high humidity & toxic gasses and is difficult for workers to do inspection, maintenance, and repair jobs. TDS provides humidity, temperature and ventilation control services to enable workers to work in a fresh environment in a confined area.
Water Damage Restoration (Drying and restore water damaged assets)
Water damage Restoration is an emergency service to dry and restore water damaged assets. We preserve, protect and secure the assets from further damage and restore the material to its original functionality. We have the industry knowledge to offer the best effective solution to a water damage restoration condition.
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Group Companies

Every project have their own challenges, that is why TDS provides a customized solution of Dehumidifiers, Condensing units, Blowers and accessories along with skilled manpower. We provide the right combination of products and the solutions that are critical to our customer’s success. For more than 20 years, we have built our business on trust and integrity. Our customers are found in various industries such as Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical, Fertilizer, iron and Steel, Shipping, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Sugar, Leather, etc. TDS is headquartered at Gurgaon and has branch offices in Mumbai, Vadodara, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin. The company’s overseas presence is marked by our office in Malaysia.


deepak pahwa - about us

Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Chairman, Pahwa Group & Director, Technical Drying Services Asia.

Mr. Deepak Pahwa is the Chairman, Pahwa Group and Director of Technical Drying Services Asia Pvt. Ltd. The group has 1500+ employees in 6 continents & 11 manufacturing plants.

In 1979, he set up the first company in the group, Arctic India Sales, introducing dehumidification in India. Subsequently, he set-up Bry-Air (Asia), Desiccant Rotors International, Delair India and Technical Drying services.

TDS Advantage - Group Strength


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Corporate Office, Gurugram, India
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gurugram - about us
Gurugram, India
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Vadodara, India

Worldwide Network: India, Malaysia, China, Switzerland, Brazil, Philippines, Korea, Bangladesh, UAE, Nigeria, USA

9 in-house R&D Test Labs – Recognized by Government of India

  • Energy Recovery
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Gas Phase Filtration (GPF)
  • VOC Concentration Test Lab
  • Desiccant Rotors
  • Dedicated New EcoDry Lab for Low Dew Point Technology
  • Adsorption Chiller – Adsorber Beds
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Chilled Beams

Government of India recognized R&D Labs

ecofresh lab06 - about us
EcoFresh for Enthalpy Wheels
ecodry lab 01 - about us
EcoDry for Desiccant Rotors
echoscrub gpf - about us
EcoScrub for Gas Phase Filtration
bhiwadi gpf - about us
Conducts Research – Gas Phase Filtration Media
echobeam - about us
EcoBeam for Chilled Beams
adsorption chillers - about us
Adsorption Chillers


patent - about us

132 International Patent Applications filed for

13 New Technologies (Since 2007)

57 Patents Granted / Allowed already

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