Oil and Gas industry

Dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation services on rent for oil and gas refineries

Oil and Gas industry

TDS specializes in engineering solutions for refineries. We provide humidity control, temperature control and ventilation services supported by our skilled manpower for short term requirements during turnaround/shutdown and maintenance jobs in

  • Tanks
  • Columns
  • Reactors
  • Pipelines
  • Furnace
  • Vessels, etc.

TDS offers the following services for Oil and Gas industry

  • Comfortable working conditions inside the confined area
  • Pre-cooling jobs in reactors, furnaces, vessels and sulphur pits
  • Humidity control during metalizing and special coating jobs in reactors
  • Humidity control during catalyst loading
  • Preservation of turbine and critical equipment during an idle period
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Humidity control in cooling water pipeline during internal coating
  • Drying of process pipelines, heat exchangers, and heater coils after hydro testing

Comfortable working conditions inside the confined area

TDS provides temperature and ventilation control services for maintaining comfortable working conditions inside a confined area. Working inside a confined area is hazardous for workers. TDS dehumidification system removes harmful gases and replaces it with treated fresh air and replenishes oxygen at the correct amount of air changes, treats the temperature of the confined area between 25 – 26ºC and achieves the relative humidity of less than 60% within the confined area. This helps in:

  • Improving productivity of the workers
  • The shutdown is not extended, hence reduced revenue loss.
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Enhanced welding quality.
  • The health of workers, inspectors, maintenance department, engineers is not affected.

Pre-cooling jobs in reactors, furnaces, vessels and sulphur pits

During the shutdown of refineries, pre-cooling of furnace is required to enable the workers to do inspection, maintenance, and repair work. Due to the very high temperature in the furnace, it is very difficult to work in that area. The temperature of the furnace has to be dropped down from 1000OC (approx) to ambient temperature. Due to high temperature, maintenance activities cannot be carried out immediately and workers have to wait for the temperature level to come down. Thus, precious man hour gets wasted and the shutdown process gets extended leading to an increase of the cost.

TDS offers dehumidifiers, condensing units, and blowers for Pre-cooling furnaces, reactors, vessels, etc. Cold and dry air is forced inside the furnace from the inspection doors. The conditioned air creates a positive pressure in the furnace and removes the contaminated air, bringing fresh, dry and cool air into the furnace. The temperature of the cold air is maintained at 8-10OC below the ambient air temperature. Relative Humidity can be maintained between 50% to 60% and temperature can be brought down to ambient level at a faster rate, in comparison to natural cooling.

Humidity control during metalizing and special coating jobs in reactors

In reactors, humidity controlling control is very critical for coating application. Uncontrolled environmental conditions during surface preparation lead to surface contamination and moisture condensation on the surface, causing the coating to fail prematurely. TDS offers an adequately designed dehumidification system for coating operations, that ensures RH inside the reactors is maintained at the level specified by the coating manufacturer for optimum performance of the coating.

Humidity control during catalyst loading

In the oil refinery, the catalyst in the reactor represents a significant portion of operating costs. Since moisture is a menace for this process, controlling the relative humidity in the reactor during catalyst removal and replacement to keep the catalyst dry is essential.

TDS has specialized equipment and expert knowledge in this type of humidity control that can help and protect the catalyst and reactor during this entire process.

Preservation of turbine and critical equipment during an idle period

During shutdown/turnaround of oil refineries, the critical equipment has to be kept idle. This equipment has to be prevented from moisture to avoid rusting. Corrosion can be controlled through dehumidification. During a shutdown, relative humidity should be maintained at 15%-30% RH at 24ºC (75ºF) and, during operation.

TDS offers the simplest and the most effective solution for humidity control for preservation. TDS provides desiccant based Dehumidifiers, which maintain the right humidity conditions for the preservation of critical equipment in the oil and gas industry.

Water Damage Restoration

In Oil refineries, water damage can strike in the form of natural disasters like floods, heavy rainfall, fire fighting, etc. TDS offers Water Damage Restoration service to dry and restore water damaged assets. We preserve, protect and secure the assets from further damage and restore the material to its original functionality.

We can dry and restore electromechanical equipment, turbine, generator, electrical panel, machines, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. We have the industry knowledge to offer the best effective solution to a water damage restoration condition. TDS professionals respond immediately and use the dehumidification system for water mitigation.

Drying of process pipelines, heat exchangers, and heater coils after hydro testing

The presence of moisture after hydro testing in oil pipelines or vessels causes corrosion and contamination of flowing fuel. The presence of water in oil and gas transporting pipelines also leads to stress corrosion cracking. 

Within a short span of time, stress corrosion can lead to the complete failure of extensive stretches of the pipeline. It is highly recommended that hydro tested pipelines are dried completely with no traces of moisture left behind.

TDS provides desiccant based dehumidifiers along with auxiliary air handling equipment for pipeline drying. Dehumidifiers, heaters & blowers are installed at the suction end of the pipeline and dry air is supplied continuously by the dehumidifier. 

This adsorbs all the moisture present in the pipeline. Dry air is supplied at a positive pressure of 100 changes/hr. When this comes in contact with moisture, it picks up water vapour present in the pipeline after a certain duration.

Humidity control in cooling water pipeline during internal coating

TDS provides humidity and temperature control for coating and lining jobs in main cooling water pipelines.

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