Fertilizer Industry

Dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation services on rent for fertilizer industry

Fertilizer Industry

Moisture is a menace for fertilizer manufacturing plants. Most commercial fertilizers, especially those with a high concentration of nutrients, are hygroscopic in nature and thus have a high solubility in water. They absorb water vapor or moisture during production, storage, and bagging. The result is often qualitative and quantitative loss.

Moisture laden fertilizer may lead to problems like:

  • Caking and Lumping
  • Loss of fertilizer’s free flowing property
  • Loss of physical, nutrient, and chemical properties
  • Loss of strength
  • Danger of explosion of Nitrate based Fertilizers
  • Health hazards due to ammonical fumes of decomposed hygroscopic fertilizers
  • Slippery floors due to hardening of the fertilizer on the floor of the warehouse

TDS offers the following services for fertilizer manufacturing plants:

  • Industrial Project Solutions
  • Surface Preparation and Coating
  • Safe Confined Area Access
  • Water Damage Restoration

Industrial Project Solutions

  • Humidity control during production of special urea
  • Humidity control during bagging
  • Humidity control in conveyor area to avoid slippery surface
  • Dehumidification and temperature control during storage of fertilizer. The relative humidity should be maintained at 35± 5% at about 27°C (81°F).

Surface Preparation and Coating

  • Dehumidification inside tanks during rubber lining jobs
  • Humidity and temperature control during Rubber Lining of DM Water Tanks, Chemical Tank, Acid tank, etc.

Safe Confined Area Access

  • Ventilation in columns and reactors for comfortable working conditions during maintenance jobs
  • Temperature control and ventilation in ammonia & urea tanks during shut down jobs
  • Pre-cooling of vessels, reactor, and columns during shutdown jobs to enable workers to do repair and maintenance jobs with any harm to their health
  • Ventilation and temperature control for maintenance activities in digestor tank

Water Damage Restoration

In a fertilizer manufacturing plant, water damage can strike in the form of natural disasters like floods, heavy rainfall, fire fighting, etc. TDS offers a Water Damage Restoration service to dry and restore water damaged assets. We preserve, protect and secure the assets from further damage and restore the material to its original functionality. We can dry and restore electromechanical equipment, turbine, generator, electrical panel, machines, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. We have the industry knowledge to offer the best effective solution to a water damage restoration condition. TDS professionals respond immediately and use the dehumidification system for water mitigation.

Key Installations

ammoia tank gfsc vadodara - fertilizer industry

Ammoia Tank, GFSC, Vadodara

columns nfcl - fertilizer industry

Columns, NFCL

digestor tank gsfc vadodara - fertilizer industry

Digestor tank, GSFC, Vadodara

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