Leather Industry

Dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation services on rent for Leather Industry

Leather Industry

Leather is a very porous material and highly hygroscopic in nature. During humid conditions, the amount of moisture in the air increases, and leather tends to absorb or trap a lot of the moisture from surrounding air during processing and storage. Thus, it is susceptible to a lot of damages during humid weather.

Moisture in leather may lead to problems like:

  • Microbial and fungal growth
  • Loss of sheen
  • Reduced structural strength properties
  • Discoloration
  • Deterioration
  • Reduced shelf life
  • Potential health hazard in manufacturing & storage area

Hence, in the leather industry controlling moisture is very critical during:

  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Storage of raw material and finished leather goods

TDS offers the following services for Leather Industry:

  • Storage under controlled conditions
  • Control moisture while packaging

Storage under controlled conditions

Finished leather products regain moisture while in storage, before packaging. This results in a high rate of product damage due to mould/ fungus/ mildew. To prevent this spoilage, it is necessary to store the leather in humidity controlled warehouses where conditions are maintained at less than 40% RH at ambient temperature. This prevents leather from regaining moisture and thus, prevents the growth of mould/ fungus/ mildew.

Control moisture while packaging

The only way to prevent fungus growth is to ensure that the leather does not regain any moisture during packaging. The best, most simple, and economical method to ensure that leather does not absorb moisture from the surrounding air during packaging, is to control the humidity at less than 40% RH in the packaging area.

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Leather Industry

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