Ship Building

Dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation services on rent for shipbuilding

Ship Building

Ships are always exposed to the marine environment which creates the need for regular upkeep, both externally and internally. Ships are complex steel and composite structures that require regular protection and repair work throughout the year.  The environment also makes it difficult to complete construction and repair projects due to excessive temperature variances and the high humidity typical of many shipyards. Temporary dehumidification and temperature control are one way to ensure that adequate conditions are provided to allow the projects to be completed on schedule without the risk of weather.


  • Improper coating of ballast tanks
  • Malfunctioning of sensitive components like electrical/weapon systems, engines, etcExcessive humidity & temperature in confined spaces lower the overall productivity of workers and makes it difficult for inspection officials and workers to carry out their job.
  • Danger of explosion of Nitrate based FertilizersImproper welding due to condensation

TDS services for Shipping Industry:

Relative humidity (RH) should be restricted to below 40% at the area where expensive equipment is stored and also during blasting & coating inside the ballast tank

TDS provides desiccant based Dehumidifiers along with other accessories and technical manpower to provide the desired relative humidity level. To overcome the high temperature level, TDS provides condensing units. TDS condensing units and blowers maintain the temperature between 30ºC-35ºC.

TDS offers the following services for
Shipping Industry:

Industrial Project Solution

  • Dehumidification for communication devices, weapon systems, and instruments.
  • Dehumidification for the preservation of sensitive components like electrical/weapon systems, engines & navigation rooms
  • Preservation of lifeboats. A dry climate without condensation inside the lifeboats protects onboard equipment against damage from moisture and ensures proper functioning in an emergency.
  • Dehumidifier units for thruster rooms, thus eliminating problems of high humidity and condensation in rooms with walls facing cold seawater.
  • Preservation of critical electromechanical equipment during ship layup

Surface Preparation and Coating

  • Dehumidification and temperature control during blasting and painting of ballast tanks. The method keeps ballast tanks dry until the paint is applied.
  • Dehumidification and temperature control for blasting and painting fuel tanks
  • Humidity control during blasting, painting and coating jobs in hull area

Safe Confined Area Access

  • Ventilation of ballast tank during blast cleaning and coating application, to eliminate harmful gases and provide fresh air for workers. So that workers can do their jobs efficiently.
  • Ventilation and temperature control in ballast tank during maintenance and repair jobs

Application based solutions for
Shipping Industry

Key Installations

chowgule shipyard goa - shipping industry

Chowgule Shipyard, Goa

cochin shipyard kerala - shipping industry

Cochin Shipyard, Kerala

mdl mumbai - shipping industry

MDL, Mumbai

naval dockyard vishakhapatnam - shipping industry

Naval Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam

suzlon manglaore - shipping industry

Suzlon, Manglaore

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