Food Industry

Dehumidification and temperature control services on rent for food industry

Food Industry

The food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India. In the food processing units, controlled humidity can help retain the freshness, taste, flavor, aroma, and shelf life of food which results in superior quality of food products.

Uncontrolled moisture in food processing may lead to problems like:

  • Product gets spoiled when it is dried at high temperature. Eg. onion, vegetable seeds, cardamom, katha, etc.
  • Lumping or caking of powdery food products
  • Hindering free flow of powdery foods. Eg. cocoa, milk powder, concentrate, flour, starches, etc
  • Organic corrosion due to mold, mildew, and fungus. Eg. breweries, distilleries
  • Loss of freshness and crispness. Eg. biscuits, confectionery, wafers, snacks, powdery food, etc
  • Uneven drying of spices
  • Stickiness in confectionery
  • Disformation and discoloration of confectionery

TDS services for
Food Industry:

TDS use best-in-class Bry-Air Dehumidifiers for providing precise climate control during  drying, processing, storage and packaging of food products.

TDS also provides Dehumidification system for preservation of critical equipment during idling of plant to prevent it from corrosion.

TDS offers the following services for food industry:

Maintain recommended relative humidity levels to tackle the moisture menace at every stage of food processing.

Technical Drying Services provides short term humidity and temperature control for food processing industry. TDS used best-in-class Dehumidifiers to cater the need the customers. We ensures high product quality while saving energy and optimizing productivity.


Dehumidification and temperature control is required during various process in food processing industry. The required relative humidity and temperature depends upon the process and nature of the product.


Food product Recommended Rh and Ambient temperature
Fruit Drying
15-35% RH at Ambient Temp.
Grape Drying
25% RH at 35°C
Cookie/Biscuit Drying
20% RH at 18-24°C
Onion/Garlic Dehydration
10% RH at 31 °C
Honey Drying
<50% RH at 21 °C
Coffee Bean Drying
12% RH at 35 ±5 °C
Vegetable Dehydration
10±5% RH at 27-32 °C

Production/ Processing

Food product Recommended Rh and Ambient temperature
35-40% RH at 16-20 °C
Ground (Instant) Coffee
25% RH at 26°C
13% RH at 32°C
Noodle/ Macaroni
35% RH at 21±5 °C
Hard Candy
40% RH at 24-27°C
Snacks like Potato Chips
20% RH at 24-26°C
15-20% RH at 4°C


Food product Recommended Rh and Ambient temperature
Biscuit/ Cookie Storage
25-35% RH at 18-24 °C
Chocolate Storage
40% RH at –18-(-1)°C
Grain Storage
40% RH at 15 °C
Tea Storage
35% RH at 24-29 °C
Sugar Storage
20% RH at 24 °C
Dried Vegetable Storage
40-45% RH at 2-22 °C
Green Coffee (Bean) Storage
<35% RH at Ambient Temp.


Food product Recommended Rh and Ambient temperature
Cereal Packaging
15-50% RH at 24-27 °C
Coffee Packaging
40% RH at 18 °C
Cracker/ Wafer Packaging
35-40% RH at 21-29 °C
Energy Food Packaging
40-45% RH at 25 °C
Hard Candy Packaging
35-40% RH at 21-24 °C
Milk Powder Packaging
35-40% RH at 22-25 °C
Mushroom Packaging
20% RH at 25 °C

Application based solutions for
Food Industry

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