TDS uses the principle of Desiccant Dehumidification to remove excess moisture from the air. TDS provides short term dehumidification services on rent


What is Dehumidification?

Desiccant dehumidification is the process in which desiccants attract moisture from the air by creating an area of vapour pressure at the surface of the desiccant. The vapour pressure exerted by the water in the air is higher, so the water molecules move from the air to the desiccant and the air is dehumidified.

Technical Drying Services provides dehumidification systems for controlling humidity and temperature across diversified industries like pharmaceutical, food, defense, power, chemicals, electronics, leather, oil and gas, steel, cement, and many more. The dehumidifiers are installed for research and development (R&D), preservation, manufacturing, processing, drying, testing, storage, and packaging areas in almost all industries.

Food industry:

  • Biscuit / Cookie Storage
  • Cheese Processing Facilities
  • Cold Storages
  • Confectionery Manufacturing area
  • Cracker & Wafer manufacturing and packaging area
  • Dried Vegetable Storage and packaging area
  • Powdery food manufacturing, packaging and storage area
  • Seed Drying & Storage
  • Sugar manufacturing, packaging and storage area
  • Tea Industry packaging and storage area
  • Tobacco Storage

Defence Sector:

  • Jet engine storage
  • Military arms and ammunition storage
  • Assembly of tanks/armaments, missiles/ammunition, radars, rockets, etc
  • Painting and blasting operation
  • Specialised production of electronic components, ICs, PCBs, and VLSIs in clean rooms
  • Simulate testing of ammunition, vehicles, electronic components, etc.
  • Parachute drying

Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Diagnostic Rooms & Research Labs
  • Dry Powder / Vial Filling
  • Penicillin packaging
  • Tablet coating, compression and packaging area

Electrical and electronics:

  • Electrode storage
  • PCB assembly area
  • Semiconductor sssembly area


  • Leather storage and packaging area
  • Fertilizer bagging and conveying area
  • Investment casting drying

Application based solutions for

Key Installations

paper mill itc telangana - dehumidification

Paper Mill, ITC, Telangana

reliance jamnagar 1 - dehumidification

Reliance, Jamnagar

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