Equipment Preservation

Short term dehumidification services on rent for preservation. Prevent critical equipment from corrosion.

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Equipment Preservation

What is equipment preservation? 

Equipment preservation is the process of preserving critical equipment to prevent it from moisture which may lead to corrosion.

During plant shut down and turnaround, the critical equipment has to be kept idle. During idling, these equipment have to be prevented from moisture. Moisture can lead to corrosion which may further result in:

  • Malfunction of critical equipment
  • Failure of critical equipment
  • Deterioration
  • Decrease in the life of parts and components
  • High replacement and repair cost

The rate of corrosion accelerates when the relative humidity crosses the critical level of 45%. Above this level, industrial pollutants like Sulphur Dioxide also enhance the rate of corrosion. Additionally, the rate of corrosion will be more when the surface is exposed to polluted air in combination with high relative humidity. In certain cases, a shut down can go on for a complete year where TDS can give guaranteed required climate conditions which can prevent any kind of corrosion. 


Corrosion can be controlled by maintaining relative humidity through dehumidification. It is essential to control humidity and remove excess moisture to prevent critical equipment from getting corroded.

Dehumidification involves drying the air by removing the moisture. Removal of moisture from the storage area lowers the relative humidity of the area, hence, effectively arresting corrosion and microbial growth. During equipment storage, proper dehumidification ensures minimum deterioration of all the internal systems.

TDS Solution

TDS offers the simplest and the most effective solution for maintaining relative humidity during preservation. TDS provides best-in-class desiccant based dehumidifiers, which provide an ideal solution for moisture control during storage, effectively slowing down corrosion. Along with dehumidifiers, TDS also provides condensing units, blowers, ducts, and skilled manpower for dehumidification services.

In fossil fuel power stations, layup can be due to furnace, boiler repair, or less expensive power availability from an alternate source. During such periods, dry air circulation in the facility prevents rusting and other harmful moisture-related problems.

In nuclear power plants,  during the shut down for refueling the non-nuclear components such as boilers, condensers, and turbines should be preserved to prevent it from moisture which may lead to corrosion.

In sugar mills, turbines and generators are stopped for 2-4 months for planned maintenance and repair. Due to high humidity, electromechanical equipment is prone to corrosion. All of these equipment should be preserved to protect it from moisture. Specially, turbine preservation is very critical in sugar mills.

TDS offers best-in-class desiccant dehumidification systems, which can preserve:

  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Heating furnace
  • Condensors
  • Switch gear
  • Jet engines
  • Motors
  • Gear boxes
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Application based solutions for
Equipment Preservation

Key Installations

generator preservation caparo jamshedpur - equipment preservation

Generator Preservation, CAPARO, Jamshedpur

preservation in waterbox ntpc dadri 1 - equipment preservation

Preservation in Waterbox, NTPC, Dadri

preservation of turbine - equipment preservation
Generator preservation, GMR, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
turbine preservation kolaghat - equipment preservation
Turbine preservation, WBPCL, Kolaghat, West Bengal
turbine preservation triveni sugar 1 - equipment preservation
Turbine preservation, Triveni Sugar, Noida
turbine preservation - equipment preservation
Turbine preservation, NTPC, Khadgaon, Chattisgarh

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