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Dehumidifier removes moisture and humidity form the air. Dehumidifier takes inlet air from ambient and treats it before it is exhausted into the enclosure.

TDS is an associate company of Bry-Air, world leaders in desiccant Dehumidifiers. TDS provides a best-in-class Bry-Air desiccant dehumidifier on rent. It provides the most effective and economical solutions to humidity related problems. Our Dehumidifier can maintain relative humidity as low as 1% regardless of the ambient conditions. They are available in many sizes, from very small to very large to meet various dry air requirements.

Condensing Unit

Condensing unit is an encased assembly designed unit that provides comfortable working conditions by cooling, dehumidifying, filtering and circulating the air in a conditioned space. It contains a refrigeration & dehumidification system and an air handling system for circulating the air.

TDS Condensing units cover all the technological and high aesthetic demands of the market and specially provide it for air conditioning and temperature control for creating a comfortable working condition in confined areas.

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Containerized unit

TDS offers Containerized Dryers that have a Dehumidifier attached to it. TDS Containerized Dryer is a specially formulated desiccant based product designed to actively reduce humidity or maintain the required relative humidity level inside the container.  By reducing the humidity, it can easily protect any product from moisture damage. It is specially manufactured for products that are highly hygroscopic in nature.


TDS Blowers use centrifugal force to rotate impellers. They have a rotating disk that generates the centrifugal force by rotating the blades.  TDS Blowers are commonly used in areas or segments which require exhaust clearing, ventilation, drying, cooling, and removal of dust.  They are designed to be robust and can withstand harsh industrial environments, polluted air, moisture, etc. TDS Centrifugal fans are made of high quality stainless steel or aluminium and are used in various industries.

TDS blowers are used for ventilation in confined areas, throwing dust out of the chamber during blasting of rotors, providing fresh air inside confined areas, blowing water damaged products, etc.

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TDS ducts are lightweight hoses, made from PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric and have been reinforced with a spring steel wire helix for added strength when flexed. Each section of the duct is constructed with a protective external wear-strip. The protective wear-strip provides an added layer of protection from dragging and scraping the hose material on the ground. This flexible ducting hose is ideal for dehumidifiers, condensing units, light dust movement, and general air ventilation. TDS ducts are resistant to corrosive materials that can be extremely destructive to most metal hoses. Ducts are used in places where the condition is deplorable but because of the superior quality of TDS ducts and its resistance to chemicals, fumes and dust, they are capable of functioning in a wide variety of situations.

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