Pharmaceutical Industry

Dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation services on rent for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

The quality of pharmaceutical products has always been of great importance. To cater to the pharmaceutical needs of the growing population, the industry needs advanced solutions to meet the demand while maintaining product quality. Most pharmaceutical products are hygroscopic in nature and tend to absorb moisture from ambient air which adversely affects their quality.

Dehumidification or moisture/humidity control solutions are almost essential across  various stages and processes of the pharmaceutical industry, like:

  • Production process
  • Research and production work in clean rooms.
  • Diagnostic rooms & research Labs
  • Dry Powder / Vial Filling
  • Coating of tablets
  • Packaging of drugs and tablets
  • Storage of hygroscopic material
  • Powder compression (tablets)
  • Sugar coating
  • Weighing, mixing and blending process
  • Product drying
  • Storage of finished products, etc.

Presence of uncontrolled humidity in the pharmaceutical plant can lead to following problems:

  • Hygroscopic materials get deteriorate when in contact with moisture
  • Caking/lumping and agglomeration
  • Organic corrosion
  • Biochemical reactions
  • Germination of unwanted micro-organisms
  • Chemical reactions leading to decomposition, shorter shelf life and change in characteristic
  • Non-uniform coating of tablets

TDS services for Pharmaceutical Industry:

TDS (Technical Drying Services) provides short term humidity and temperature control for pharmaceutical industry. TDS uses best-in-class Dehumidifiers to cater the need the customers. Ensure high product quality while saving energy and optimizing productivity.

TDS uses Bry-Air dehumidifiers for providing precise climate control during  drying, processing, storage and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Recommended relative humidity and temperature

Effervescent tablets
90°F and 15% RH
Tablet coating
80°F and 5% – 30% RH
Tablet compressing
70°–80°F and 10% – 30% RH
Penicillin packaging
80°F and 5% – 15% RH
Capsule storage
75°F and 35% – 40% RH
Powder milling
80°F and 35% RH

Application based solutions for
Pharamaceutical Industry

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