Defence Sector

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Defence Sector

Moisture is a hidden enemy of the defence sector. Uncontrolled moisture leads to corrosion of weapons and negatively impacts electronic equipment. If left unchecked, humidity can significantly degrade defence capability and undermine the efforts of the armed forces to maintain a state of readiness. Equipment used by the defence is very vulnerable to damage caused by moisture – everything from tanks, aircraft, ships, weapons, and spare parts to the ammunition, optics, textiles, and other equipment used and worn by military personnel become less serviceable and reliable.

Humidity control is critical during:

  • Manufacturing of explosives, gun powders, ammonium nitrate, etc
  • Assembly of tanks/armaments, missiles/ammunition, radars, rockets, etc
  • Painting and blasting operation
  • Specialised production of electronic components, ICs, PCBs, and VLSIs in clean rooms
  • Simulate testing of ammunition, vehicles, electronic components, etc.


TDS Dehumidifiers are used to dehumidify aircrafts that face the threat of condensation after returning from high altitude flights, during the idle period. They also provide a safe, dry-air environment for planes grounded for longer periods. TDS Dehumidifiers are also used in control rooms, storage facilities, and aviation assembly plants, among a variety of other applications. Relative humidity control has great importance during aircraft manufacturing processes, to ensure the right quality of the manufactured components and the aircraft as a whole. Also, the production of composite materials cannot be done without proper climate control, both for quality as well as curing speed. While painting the aircraft it is important to maintain the specified environmental conditions, as this will result in even thickness of paint and excellent quality of the finished paint. Humidity control is also required during parachute manufacturing.

TDS also provides the dehumidification system for preservation / storage of critical products which may otherwise result in high maintenance cost or failure. We can preserve:
Standby air crafts
Jet engines
Cockpit instruments
Electrical / Electronic instruments
Radars / antennas
Wing electronics
  • Standby air crafts
  • Batteries
  • Electrical / Electronic instruments
  • Parachutes
  • Jet engines
  • Cockpit instruments
  • Radars / antennas
  • Wing electronics


TDS dehumidification systems are increasingly being accepted by the armed forces for the protection against harmful effects of humidity during manufacturing, assembly, and storage of ordnance. TDS offers short term temperature control during gun manufacturing and in fabrication shop. TDS also provides humidity control in tank paint booths.

TDS also provides dehumidification services for preservation of critical equipment like:
War reserves
Replacement parts/spares
Ammunition/gunpowder/ Explosives
Telephone Exchanges
Leather goods
Electrical / Electronic components
  • War reserves
  • Batteries
  • Ammunition/gunpowder/ Explosives
  • Leather goods
  • Missiles
  • Weapons
  • Tanks
  • Replacement parts/spares
  • Telephone Exchanges
  • Electrical / Electronic components
  • Negatives/microfilms


Moisture laden air at sea can wreak havoc upon ships, onboard equipment, weaponry, and communication systems owing to its high moisture content. This is why the navy uses dehumidification systems to maintain dry-air conditions for its onboard weapons, in cargo holds, repair yards, and shore-based installations that incorporate sensitive electronic equipment. Dehumidifiers are also used for ‘mothballing’, where all the interiors of a ship, as well as its critical capabilities, are preserved in ideal low-humidity conditions. High levels of humidity can cause costly damage to ships and internal components. Uncontrolled humidity can cause serious problems and will adversely influence the operational readiness of the ships. TDS also provides:
  • Humidity control in hull area during blasting and painting jobs
  • Humidity and temperature control in ballast tanks
  • Dehumidification system and temperature control during installation of weapon in submarine
At sea or during long lay ups, a high humid area, we need to preserve / store critical equipment like:
Missiles / torpedoes
Precious hygroscopic cargo
Precious hygroscopic cargo
Radars/communication systems
Vital Machinery on submarines
Spare parts
Gear box
  • Turbines
  • Engines
  • Precious hygroscopic cargo
  • Vital Machinery on submarines
  • Gear box
  • Missiles / torpedoes
  • Precious hygroscopic cargo
  • Radars/communication systems
  • Spare parts
  • Boilers
A proper dehumidification results in:
  • Maintaining the ship in ready to activate condition
  • Safeguard missile and torpedoes from damaging effect of moisture
  • Protect instrumentation and electronic systems from corrosion
  • Prevent organic corrosion due to fungus, mildew etc.
  • Reduce downtime to reactivate ships

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