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When a power plant is not in operation, many components within the plant are subject to corrosion. This is referred to as standby corrosion. A plant may be shut down due to planned or unplanned maintenance, or due to low seasonal power demand. Power plants have to be idled or shut down temporarily due to following reasons:

  • Maintenance or repair
  • In case of breakdown
  • Partial shut down due to excess capacity
  • Extended cold standby (ECS)

Power plants have expensive auxiliary equipment that is subject to damage if measures are not taken to maintain relative humidity and prevent it from moisture which causes corrosion. As a rule of thumb, it is best to maintain relative humidity levels at or below 35% RH to slow down the rate of corrosion.

TDS services for
Power plants:

TDS specializes in short term dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation services during turnaround/shut down and maintenance jobs in Power Plants. TDS provides Dehumidifiers, condensing units, blowers, and ducts on rent. TDS has a strong base of skilled technicians who can assess the problems and provide suitable solutions.

Application based solutions for Power Plants

Industrial Project Solution

  • Humidity control during maintenance jobs of generators & transformers
  • Humidity and temperature control in main cooling water pipeline during maintenance jobs
  • Ventilation service during overhauling of GI ducts or stator well
  • Preservation of critical equipment like turbines, boilers, transformers, generators, condensers, etc
  • Drying of pipelines after hydrotesting to remove moisture
  • Humidity control during Box up of stator winding
  • Humidity control during Rubber Lining of acid tanks.

Surface Preparation and Coating

  • Humidity and ventilation control during blasting, coating and maintenance jobs in penstock (Hydro power plant)
  • Humidity and temperature control in absorbers tanks and ducts during glass flake coating and rubber lining jobs in FGD.
  • Humidity control during borosilicate lining & glass flake coating inside chimney stack
  • Humidity control in spiral casing during blasting and coating jobs
  • Ventilation and temperature control during alumia blasting of rotors

Safe Confined Area Access

  • Comfortable working conditions inside confined areas like pipelines, DM Water tanks, tanks, boiler, drum, economizer, condenser water box, cooling water duct, etc.
  • Humidity and ventilation service for faster cooling of ESP area to enable the worker to do maintenance jobs
  • Ventilation and temperature control inside chimneys during chimney stack

Water Damage Restoration

In Power plants, water damage can strike in the form of natural disasters like flash floods, heavy rainfall and also due to water leakage from penstock, etc. TDS offers Water Damage Restoration service to dry and restore water damaged assets. We preserve, protect and secure the assets from further damage and restore the material to its original functionality.

We can dry and restore electromechanical equipment, turbine, generator, electrical panel, machines, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. We have the industry knowledge to offer the best effective solution to a water damage restoration condition. TDS professional Airgineers responds immediately and use the best-in-class dehumidification system for water mitigation.

Application based solutions for
Power Plants

Key Installations

coating of wind turbine blades - power industry

Coating of wind turbine Blades, Suzlon, Mangalore

dehumidiciation and ventilation in columns bhel bhopal - power industry

Dehumidification and ventilation in Columns, BHEL, Bhopal

dehumification box up of stator winding - power industry

Dehumidification, Box up of Stator Winding

drying of turbine - power industry

Drying of Turbine

pipeline drying ntpc simadhari - power industry

Humidity Control in CWC Pipeline

preservation in waterbox ntpc dadri - power industry

Temperature Control in Waterbox, NTPC, Dadri

preservation of turbines kolaghat - power industry

Preservation of Turbines, Kolaghat

rubber lining adsorber tower vidhyanchal - power industry

Rubber lining Adsorber Tower, NTPC, Vidhyanchal

spiral casing - power industry

Humidity Control during Coating Jobs in Spiral Casing, NTPC, Koldam

venitilation in rotor blasting chamber ntpc dadri - power industry

Ventilation in Alumina Blasting Chamber, NTPC, Dadri

ventilation in esp area itc - power industry

Ventilation in ESP Area, ITC

water damage restoration satluj jal vidyut nigam ltd himachal pradesh - power industry

Water Damage Restoration, Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd, Himachal Pradesh

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