Healthy work environment inside Alumina blast chamber

Dadari, Uttar Pradesh


NTPC Dadri is a power plant of NTPC Group which has both coal based thermal plant and gas based thermal plant of 1820 MW and 817 MW respectively and 5 MW solar plant totaling 2642 MW. NTPC Dadri, is the power project to meet the power demand of National Capital Region.


The Alumina blasting area of NTPC Dadri plant, has a chamber with dimension 12 Meter x 6 Meter x 6 meter for dry alumina cleaning of turbine rotors/casings/diaphragms. It had a door for workmen entry and upper roof was detachable. The workers were working in an environment where alumina flows into the air, making the environment unhealthy and stuffy for all the workers and occupants inside the enclosure. Since the temperature was also high, the workers used to take frequent breaks. Thereby, reducing the output and productivity. 

rotors 1 - healthy work environment inside alumina blast chamber

Our Solution

After an inspection by TDS team it was decided to install TDS Dehumidification systems consisting of Condensing unit and centrifugal blowers of 30,000 cfm to supply dry cool air inside the Alumina blasting chamber.

The main purpose of installing centrifugal blowers was to extract dust from the air and the rooftop. The exhaust end of the hoses was taken outside the building and terminated into the drums filled with water so that the alumina dust is captured in water and not thrown into the environment.

The condensing unit supplied air-conditioned air which made the area comfortable to work efficiently. There was a huge improvement in the working environment in the enclosed space during the Alumina blasting. With improved working conditions, the workers output improved significantly.


  • The level of dust was reduced, inside the chamber making the work environment healthy
  • With proper capturing of alumina dust, outside environment was protected
  • Intermediate inspections were allowed without stopping the cleaning process for a long time, hence, reduced process time

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