Strong adhesion of rubber lining to tanks lead to huge savings

TATA Chemical
Haldia, West Bengal


Tata Chemicals Limited is an Indian global company with interests in chemicals, crop protection, and speciality chemistry products head quartered in Mumbai, India. The company is one of the largest chemical companies in India with operations in India, Europe, North America, and Africa.


At TATA Chemical Haldia factory, they had to paint an acid storage tank with 28 mtr diameter and height of 10 mtr. High humidity conditions during monsoons posed a problem of condensation during the painting job inside the surface of the tank leading to dilution of adhesive and loss of its strength. As a consequence, the rubber lining was not binding properly and the coating process had to be repeated. Further, condensation led to blooming and peeling of paint which weakened the coating, causing delays in the project.

tatachemicals 2 - strong adhesion of rubber lining to tanks lead to huge savings

Our Solution

TDS (Technical Drying Services) installed Dehumidifier of various capacities to control RH to 60-65 % in the acid storage tank during the painting job. 

The dehumidifier removed moisture from the tank and helped to prevent condensation between coats which resulted in smooth sticking of rubber lining to the surface. 


  • Installation of rubber lining could be done in high peak humidity conditions
  • Downtime could be accurately programmed
  • Project was completed in time
  • Life of the rubber lining coating increased to 1.5 to 2.0 times
  • It prevented the workers from hazardous and inflammable vapours inside the enclosed area          

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